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EMR400 Olive Harvester

EMR400 Olive Harvester

  • It can collect the olives without damaging your tree and table olives and you can collect between 1 and 3,5 tonnes a day depending on your usage.
  • You can harvest up to 4-4,5 meters. When you work with its ladder, it makes possible to collect olives at higher twigs.
  • With included scythe tool, you can fight with weed and bushes.

It is certificated by experiment on green olives that is hard to fall down by Uludağ University Faculty of Agriculture Biosystem Engineering that even with short beats makes %94 of olives on tree fall down.

Technical Details
Origin Türkiye
Brand Kadıoğlu
Energy Source 2 Stroke Gasoline Engine
Fuel Gasoline + Oil Mix
Power 3 HP
Total Weight 12.2 kg / 26.89 lbs.
Gearbox 1.56 kg / 3.44 lbs.
Body Sizes 50x62x25 cm / 1.64x2.03x0.82 ft / 19.68x24.40x9.84 in.
Shaker Arm 30x230x18 cm / 0.98x7.54x0.59 ft. / 11.81x90.55x7.08 in.
Vibrasyon Hızı 3500 rot/min
Hook Edge Width 35 mm / 0.11 ft. / 1.37 in.
Warranty 2 Years
Equipment Trimmer Kit and Spare Parts

The machine’s shaker transmission needs rubberized grease to be applied 1 or 2 times in usage of 8 hours with a grease pump.

The flexible shaft connection wire between the engine and the tool needs to be lubricated per 4 days.

Rubber that touches to twig is made of soft material not to damage. When it wears off, twigs will be damaged. It needs to be changed in 4-15 days depending on time of usage.

After harvesting season, no gasoline should be left in engine’s tank and carburetor. (Because gasoline with oil is used, left gasoline results in failure of carburetor.)

After harvesting season, the machine needs to be cleaned, lubricated and prepared for the following year. It needs to be kept in dry and not sunny enviroment. This will make your machine usable longer.

  • Harvest Hook
  • Hook Rubber
  • Protective Glasses
  • Protective Mask
  • Mowing Tool
  • Saw Set
  • Grease
  • 100 ml Gasoline Oil
  • Spark Plug
  • Carrying Strap (for Castor)

The new tool for Kadıoğlu EMR400 Harvest Machine.

Without any process,  can be assembled in 5 minutes with in total of 4 bolts, this tool’s goal is to make trimming twigs that are at high easier.

The Video about usage of Trimming Tool:

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