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Spedo Tree Shaker

Spedo Tree Shaker

Meet the most advanced machine of its class.

Italian SPEDO Fruipick Olive Harvester is brought in Turkey by Kadıoğlu.

Spedo Fruipick is a powerful harvester that can be mounted to back of tractor and has a capacity of harvest (Olive) of between 15 and 35 tonnes dependig on density of trees.

It's hydraulic engine shakes body of tree with small vibrations, and so, it does not damage tree and branches.

Workability on Trees that are Dense, Disordered or Not Trimmed Regularly

By directing its telescopic mechanism that can be lengthened without moving tractor and holds branch from many angles, 2 or 3 trees can be harvested optionally from their body or thick branches.

Tilt of tree’s body does not effect harvest’s effectiveness.

It can hold the branches that lays parallel to ground in seconds.

Shaker head can hold the branch in an orbit of right-left and up-down from an angle of 80° independent from its telescopic mechanism. This lets it work on double-bodied or multi-bodied trees that are close to each other from different angles.

Getting Nearby of Each Tree is a Waste of Time and Labor for SPEDO

The remote controlable telescopic system that can lengthen up to 7 meters, horizontally 56° left-right and vertically 6 meters can harvest 2-3 trees without moving the tractor.

Assembling and dissembling of its umbrella that is 6.5 meters in diameters takes only 5 minutes.

Wireless, Remote Control

Technical Details
Origin Italy
Brand Spedo
Energy Source PTO Driven
Required Power Min. 70 HP Tractor
Weight 1570 kg / 3461 lbs
Width 2.4 mt. / 7.8 ft. / 64.48 in.
Height 1.6 mt. / 5.2 ft. / 63 in.
Length 4.7-6.7 mt. / 15.4-21.9 ft. / 185-263.78 in.
Grabber Width 40 cm. / 1.31 ft. / 15.74 in.

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