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Kadıoğlu Herbicide Sprayer (Weeding) Equipment For Tractor

Kadıoğlu Herbicide Sprayer (Weeding) Equipment For Tractor

The Speedy 2 weeding bar is ideal for the process of weeding (herbicide) in vineyards and/or orchards. Available both in its single or arm, or double with two weeding arm versions, is consists of pvc weeding bells with lengths of 25 cm or 50 cm; to facilitate localisation of the product, the standard weeding bells have brush protections (anti-drift) for localised weeding. The bells are equipped, to help avoid unexpected problems, during work, an "anti-shock" system that allows the bell to fold up and to avoid the obstacle. 

The Speedy 2 weeding bar has a set of standard mechanical movements that are made stable due to simple locking systems located directly on the structure; upon request it can be equipped with hydraulic jacks for the lift movement of the structure and the respective lateral extensions of the two bells, through connections to quick couplings or special hydraulic distributors.

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This product made in Turkey - Kadıoğlu Machinery


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